Chiropractic Testimonials

"I’ve had back pain since I was a small child and I always thought it was normal. I hurt myself pretty bad one day riding bmx which is my favorite activity. I couldn’t turn my neck at all. I had x-rays done as well as an MRI, to find out that I was born with three congenital anomaly’s (birth defects) down my spine. Dr. George took his time listened and worked with me in a kind, caring, and time efficient manner. I now have full motion in my body, as well as only occasional minor pains from strenuous activity(which he also takes care of)."

- B. McDowell, Dallas GA

"Dr. George Tomes cares about his patients and does what is best for them. I was having headaches and I didn’t know why. Dr. Tomes evaluated me and adjusted me and I don’t have headaches when I get adjusted. Not only does he adjust me but also gives me health tips. He also has dietary supplements for different things. He is kind, caring, and is very effective.‎

I have seen Dr. George for 2 weeks for physical therapy on my shoulder. when I came to him I could hardly lift my arm due to the pain. Dr George has worked wonders! I have now been able to return to work with less pain and a good range of motion. Dr. George has been knowledgeable, gentle and careful with my needs to recovery. He truly cares about your well being. Thanks Dr. George."

- M. Slate‎

"Dr. George is a very thorough chiropractor. He took the time to do a full evaluation and exam to find out what was going on with me. He was able to adjust my shoulder, which had been out of place and painful for over a year. My mid-back is very difficult to adjust, and he was also able to move my spine into place.‎"

- T. Symmonds, Acworth GA

"I started seeing Dr. George and due to his testing, he determined that I have some adrenal fatigue. Our adrenal glands are supposed to kick in and give us a ‘boost’ when we’re in critical situations. But if you’re stressed out a lot (take some types of medication, drink a lot of caffeine, etc.), they produce adrenaline too often and get depleted. Now, I’m not a doctor, and this is just my simplified explanation. But, this is what I found out when I started looking into it.

Anyway, Dr. George suggested a couple natural herbal supplements. I’ve been taking them a couple of months and I feel like a different person! I have so much more energy now. In fact, I was worried that I had too much energy and he said that I’m just getting use to having as much adrenaline as most everyone else does. I had no idea what I was missing! I also sleep much better at night and feel rested when I wake up in the morning. I’m energetic and ready to start the day instead of being groggy and wanting to sleep longer.

I didn’t think I was having problems sleeping before; it’s just so much better now! Sleeping better is just one of the improvements. I use to feel very depressed (due to PMS) a couple of days a month, and that’s gone now, too. Apparently, the adrenal glands affect all kinds of hormones. If any of this sounds familiar, give him a call! And, I hope you start to feel as fantastic as I do now! Thank you, Dr. George!"

- A. Day, Dallas GA

"I recently had some lower back pain that literally made it excruciating to walk. I could barely get out of bed on some days. Unfortunately this was just before I was booked to speak and entertain at a huge trade show and hospitality event in Las Vegas.
I went to see Dr. George and after his examination and adjustments, I rapidly improved and was able to perform for my clients. He was a lifesaver! Here’s the thing – he went far beyond the kind of “click-click, you’re adjusted, where’s my check” providers you might have encountered in the past. Dr. George has an immense knowledge of nutritional support that supplements his expert chiropractic care.

He is also well-versed in many alternative approaches to help address many common ailments. In addition, he has an amazing, compassionate approach to his patients and their families. He’s not going to sell you a treatment, supplement, or anything else just to get your dollar — he is simply going to be the best, most reliable resource you will find for chiropractic care and nutritional support anywhere in the area. Highly recommended."

- J. Turner, Dallas GA

"Dr. George was able to relieve my husband’s neck pain. He suffers terribly after fires, because his helmet is so heavy. Dr. George takes lots of time, asks extensive questions, listens to his patients, and shows true interest in the well-being of the “whole” patient."

- L. Paul, Dallas GA‎

"Dr. George is a wonderful chiropractor. My daughter had sleep apnea and had surgery to remove her tonsils and adnoids. Her sleep apnea returned. I turned to Dr. George who adjusts her and her sleep apnea has disappeared again WITHOUT surgery!!!! She also started to have sinus problems. She is breathing wonderfully now!!! He’s great with the kids. He works on a few of my children. He truly cares about his patients. It nice to meet a doctor that cares‎!"

- J. Lau, Dallas GA

"Dr. George has helped me with using natural herbs instead of using prescription medication. He is very knowledgeable and takes his time for each visit. I would recommend Dr. George if your looking for alternative healing.‎"

- J. Vargas, Dallas GA


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